Steve Drain

Steve Drain died on December 31st 2022.

Rest In Peace

He is sadly missed by many in the RISC OS community
where he made a great contribution over many years,
helping others with his insight and experience.
It was his wish that this website and software remain available.

This Kappa domain will expire in June 2024, so there is now a complete copy maintained as part of the Avisoft site
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Kappa logo Kappa
This site belongs to Steve Drain and is a place to find any software I have written or other bits I have to offer. Kappa is a working name I have used intermittently for some years.

Download A list of all the files available to download.
Raspberry Pips Experiments in miniaturisation.
Spectrum Bits about the old days!
Mail Martin Avison I will try to help with any questions, comments or feedback.